Anna is a 20 year old woman that usually spends her time working at the pet store or doing freelance work as a photographer. She enjoys nature, as well being indoors. She has a can-do attitude with a secret wild side.

    Although she has this outgoing personality that many people enjoy, there are things that Anna does not like such as insects, loud people, loud music or noises, and cherries. Most of the time she is out with her friends, going on adventures out in the wilderness or going to a local coffee shop and talking to each other about their lives. 

    One thing that a lot of people don’t know is her dream. Anna dreams of one day being able to take care of her own horses and live somewhere where all you can see is the grass below your feet and a clear beautiful sky. To live somewhere not too far from everyone else, but just far enough to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Games with Anna:

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